The Business of Weddings

Here Come The Grooms

March 19, 2021 Now To Vow Season 1 Episode 5
The Business of Weddings
Here Come The Grooms
Show Notes

Wedding planning has changed massively over the past few years. It's why we are building Now To Vow - to serve suppliers and couples whose needs have evolved and are not being met. 

One area where we've seen change is in the role of the groom in the planning process. 

As a supplier in the industry, you will no doubt have dealt with many grooms. But their role has been evolving and as this episode discusses, will continue to evolve. 

Why is that? And what does that mean for suppliers? Should you be changing your marketing? Should you be changing your entire approach? Or have we hit the peak of groom involvement?

Joining us to delve into these questions are:

  • Shivaan Popat, a groom who has taken a more active role in planning his destination wedding

  • Amit Lamba, Owner of Laguna Catering, who have been dealing more and more with grooms and have studied this trend from its beginning

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Hosted by Meera Majithia, Carriages Weddings & Events.