The Business of Weddings

Same-Sex Weddings

June 18, 2021 Now To Vow Season 1 Episode 8
The Business of Weddings
Same-Sex Weddings
Show Notes

The institute of marriage - as we know it today - was created in a time when homosexuality was not accepted. Weddings and the ceremonies within them have evolved, but they started from that same principle.

Weddings were birthed by religions, and those religions have almost always presumed that the two people getting married will be one man and one woman. The ceremonies and rituals you come across in a typical wedding reflect that presumption. 

Nowadays though, it is abundantly clear that not all couples getting married will be of the opposite sex. So in the UK, although progress has been made in regards to culture and the law, same-sex couples still face a number of challenges when planning a wedding. Not least if they wish to incorporate a religious element to their wedding.

We have spoken to a number of people to cover the different challenges at play here. In this episode, you will hear from:

  • Joyston Moreira & Sugith Hewage: Joyston and Sugith are a same-sex couple who recently formed a civil partnership. 

  • Milan Thakrar: Milan has a background in the wedding & events industry and is the Founder of Work With Milan,  an events consultancy. Milan had a same-sex wedding in 2019 when he married his partner, Jay. 

  • Charlotte Pike: Charlotte is a supplier in the wedding industry and the Director of The Wedding Scene UK, who run wedding exhibitions and shows including events specifically aimed at the LBGTQI+ community. 

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